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  • Counting Crows
    from A Murder of One

    There's a bird that nests inside you, sleeping underneath your skin. When you open up your wings to speak I wish you'd let me in.

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Good post Stacey. I'm not sure if you've noticed but with tougher economic times all the fast food joints, especially in the States are rolling out ridiculous deals lately. I have the centre ice package for hockey, which means we always get hockey feeds from places like Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas....anywhere there's a hockey team. One of our favorite things about this is the commercials you see, especially the fast food ones. Just in case you were interested, i believe it's "Jack in the Box", has now introduced a new combo because of tougher economic times. Get this, a burger, fries, two tacos, and a drink, for.....$2.99!!!! Clearly one of the main problems is that the cheapest way for a family to fast food. Good healthy food means expensive food. I'd imagine this recession is going to result in expanding waistlines rather than tightened ones.


Not to shamelessly promote, but you can check out the Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials over at The Chronicles of Gritz, and I should add that the commercials went for $3M per slot, the most expensive commercials ever (also, if you felt they were underwhelming that may be because unless you have a very fancy satellite you didn't see them up here).

Also, and not to be a stickler (cause lordy day do we ever make some egregious errors over at Gritz), but Faith Hill sang America The Beautiful. Jennifer Hudson sang The Star Spangled Banner and actually lip synched it (which may actually be evidence that she doesn't really believe in the anthem... though I don't know how many people believe in "bombs bursting in air" as the best way to illuminate their flag...)

But what I really wanted to say was that scaling things back is what has put the US in this very recession! I think what you mean is: will we ever come around to only buying things we can afford? Buying as much as you can is your duty to ensure producers of goods elsewhere aren't left starving while you're gorging on beer, pizza, turkey, or some kind of awe-inspiring fermented drink including all three. But buying more than you can is what puts you and them out on one's proverbial ass.

Michael Pascaris

this was great!

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